AAFW backstage report: O&M X Beare Park

O&M X Beare Park backstage report - Monday May 9, 2022

For its second showcase at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, Australian made and owned brand Beare Park made a dramatic return in a nod to the midnight hours. Extending the brands ethos of the art of getting dressed, timeless pieces merged with a confident, sensual femininity.

The hair: 

Hair director: Mary Alamine (Royal Hair) 

Inspiration: It’s the end of the night and this girl has just had the time of her life and doesn’t care what her hair or make up looks like.

Hair brief: Middle Part, sleek creamy texture on the roots to mid-lengths and a loose and undone texture through the mid-lengths to ends. Some looks will be organically tucked behind the ears. Texture may vary for each model.

Get the look:

Step 1 - On damp hair, layer O&M Atonic from roots to ends and blast dry.

Step 2 - Part hair in the middle and apply Surf Bomb for added texture.

Step 3 - Blowdry the hair flat with a medium round brush and don’t overstretch the hair.

Step 4 - Use a medium curling tong and wind the hair vertically, continuously gliding the curling tong up and down the hair shaft to create a soft wave whilst keeping the tips straight.

Step 5 - Pull the tip of each section to create a softer curl.

Step 6 - Repeat this step all through the hair but alternate directions to create an undone texture.

Step 7 - Mix equal parts of Style Guru and Project Sukori in a bowl and apply with a tint brush to roots taking 1 inch sections.

Step 8 - Comb each section with a wide tooth comb.

Step 9 - Spray Original Queenie to each section and set with heat.

Step 10 - Repeat all through the hair.

Step 11 - Add barbering tape around nape area and secure with pin clips on each side.

Image credit: Supplied.