Top Australian health bloggers and influencers

Health and wellbeing were not even on the periphery a decade ago and look at them now. Business is booming when it comes to the health industry, and its wealth of influencers are growing in number by the minute.

Just look at Kayla Itsines. The Adelaide-based fitness guru is now a bonafide mogul, with 12.6 million Instagram followers, a burgeoning workout guide empire and global recognition under her belt.

Below, BD has rounded up some other Aussie health bloggers who are also making their mark on the proliferating wellbeing industry.

Instagram: @samibloom - 19,000 followers
Sami Bloom is a certified health coach and yoga instructor with a degree in nutrition. What does this mean? Bloom’s blog Health & Bloom is a journey through healthy eating and recipes, workout regimens, and exploration of general health queries. Much like many health bloggers, Bloom’s personal health journey was inspired by her own complications, leading her to take a step into the holistic.

Keep It Cleaner
Instagram: @keepitcleaner - 311,000 followers
A platform with health and wellness inspiration, Keep It Cleaner is where the public can subscribe to have access to all of the newest recipes, blog posts, videos and workouts by co-founders Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw. Subscribers can find interviews, product and cafe reviews, as well as general health and wellness information.

Instagram: @sarahs_day - 1.1m followers
Sarah is a holistic health and fitness blogger with a love for functional fitness, creating healthy recipes, healing the body naturally and utilising home remedies. With her two eight week fitness guides, activewear line, healthy protein balls and Deluxe Mix products, she is determined to reshape the health and fitness world. Her mottos are simple: listen to your body, and act confident and no-one will question you.

The Nude Nutritionist
Instagram: @nude_nutritionist - 114,000 followers
Lyndi Polivnick is The Nude Nutritionist, a Sydney nutritionist in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. She is a nutrition consultant and media dietitian. She is recognised as one of Australia's leading nutrition experts and runs a blog on her website, where she shares healthy eating tips and recipes.

Instagram: @elle_fit - 155,000 followers
Eliza Landgren became the poster girl for the benefits of stretching, thanks to her popular Elle Fit domain. Landgren’s constant struggle with scoliosis led her to begin a dedicated yoga and daily stretching program, a process which she documented on both her health-focused blog and Instagram. Landgren’s impressive resulting flexibility and natural talent at yoga amassed her a legion of global fans.

The Merrymaker Sisters
Instagram: @themerrymakersisters - 67,800 followers
The Merrymaker Sisters, Emma and Carla, are health and happiness bloggers, paleo recipe developers and passionate health coaches who began blogging about finding and following their bliss. Content is related to all things health, happiness, bliss and wellbeing, with an aim to inspire and promote positivity. The Merrymaker Sisters are believers in bio-individuality and that it’s important to "do what works for you and what makes you feel good."

Instagram: @carolinehgroth - 62,200 followers
Greener Resolutions was founded by Sydney local, Caroline Groth, who has a very wide-spread target audience. Her demographic spans from 20 - 55+ year olds with a readership of 75% female and 35% male. Greener Resolutions is a mix of everything healthy, training, yoga, lifestyle, food and events. It showcases easy, healthy recipes created and developed by Caroline, training videos and programs, tried and tested products, restaurant and menu reviews, inspirational articles around life, positive thinking and self love.

Emily Skye
Instagram: @emilyskyefit - 2.5m followers
Emily Skye is a health and fitness ambassador, qualified personal trainer, fitness model and fat loss and healthy living guru. Emily’s health and fitness program, Emily Skye FIT, is the culmination of years of hard work, self-discovery, entering motherhood and realising that the best thing one can be is strong and happy. Millions of people have turned to Emily to become fit, healthy, happy and empowered.

Instagram: @thefitfoodieblog - 93,000 followers
The Fit Foodie is an outlet for Sally O’Neil’s growing passion for wellbeing and fitness. Diet sits at the heart of the brand, with the Instagram a food porn outlet for those passionate about clean eating. But fitness doesn’t lag far behind in terms of content, with O’Neil’s website exploring different sports, training techniques and interviews with some of Australia’s fitness experts.

Sarah Wilson
Instagram @_sarahwilson_ - 260,000 followers
Sarah Wilson is a New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur. Her career as a former journalist spanned 20 years, across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online. She’s the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history. Sarah is the author of the international best-sellers, I Quit Sugar, I Quit Sugar For Life and I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, and is director and founder of, an online wellness program and series of bestselling ebooks.

Wholesome Stef
Instagram: @wholesomestef  - 24,700 followers
Stef is a holistic health coach and wellness blogger that covers all topics health, fitness and wellbeing-related. Stef is 100% honest and transparent about her personal journey with an eating disorder (and how she overcame it), which resonates very much with her readers. Apart from her personal story, she loves sharing her latest healthy product discoveries in a blog series called “Loving Lately”, healthy restaurant reviews, recipes and other health hacks she has come across.

Jessica Sepel
Instagram: @jshealth - 327,000 followers
The Jessica Sepel blog is about empowering people to make good choices, to support journeys to great health, and to live the best possible life. Featuring clean, healthy and delicious recipes alongside lifestyle advice to reduce stress and increase self love every day, Jessica Sepel is the ultimate guide to lifelong wellness.

Instagram: @the_unrefined - 65,100 followers
Queensland duo Nicola and Jess are passionate about a sugar-free lifestyle, so much so that it spawned their blog The Unrefined. The girls’ penchant for full-fat, no-sugar food is evident on the vibrant recipes that flood their blog and Instagram feed, and the development of a granola line. But though obvious foodies, The Unrefined are also general wellbeing fanatics, with their favourite fitness fads and natural beauty secrets incorporated into their growing digital domain.

Instagram: @elsas_wholesomelife - 772,000 followers
Ellie (also known as Elsa) is a a 25-year-old nutritionist and dietitian. She graduated from university with a bachelor (with honours) in Nutrition & Dietetics, which taught her a lot about the human body and its interaction with nutrients. Ellie creates wholesome recipes and shares images of her life and travels on Instagram. She also loves to blog about all things health, travel and lifestyle. She follows a plant-based whole food diet and shares colourful healthy food recipes to inspire everyone to eat more plants. Her first ever published cookbook is available in Australian stores and online, and is an Australian best-seller.


Header image sources: @elsas_wholesomelife, @sarahs_day and @emilyskyefit.