The must-have products keeping us healthy

Welcome back to BEAUTYDIRECTORY's Tried & Tested series – where each BD team member puts the latest products to the test.

Last month we shared our winter must-haves – you can read that HERE. Next up? Healthy habits: A look at some of the products keeping us as healthy as possible - especially during the colder months.

Read our honest thoughts below, and why you should give these goodies a go yourself. After all, once you see the BD Tried & Tested badge, you know we've given it our stamp of approval.

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What we think: I have been trying to up my inner-beauty health game of late, so was really excited when new Aussie brand, JOSO landed across my desk. The beautiful packaging first caught my eye, but it's what's inside that really piqued my interest. The naturopathic supplement helps to support collagen health and formation, enhance and increase skin firmness, as well as providing healthy hair and hydration - from the inside out. Starting the supplements at the beginning of winter, I definitely found my hair and skin were less dry than they would be during the colder months, and I'm looking forward to seeing the long-term effects this gorgeous brand will be bringing my way.

Weleda Organic Birch Juice - Tiarne

What we think: My eating habits have admittedly not been great during lockdown, so this birch juice was a very welcome addition! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed a spike in energy levels, which I desperately needed. I’ve also been wanting to detox so this product came at the perfect time. I use it two to three times a day, by mixing a tablespoon with cold or warm water. On occasion, I’ve also added it to my yoghurt for a bit of variety. It tastes great and leaves me feeling super invigorated, healthy and happy! 

Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks - Sam

What we think: I have heard so many good things about these fizz sticks over the years so I thought it was high time I give them a go, and let me tell you they do not disappoint. These tiny sachets of energy contain ginseng, green tea and guarana, which gave me the buzz I needed to kick start my work week. I tried the pomegranate flavour which when mixed with a large glass of iced water made for a refreshing fruity beverage. For days when I can't get to my local coffee shop these are a sure fire way to lift my energy levels.

Viviscal Maximum Hair Growth Supplements for Women - Caitlin

What we think: My hair needed a bit of help, and these supplements have definitely improved my overall hair health over the month or so that I have been taking them. My hair looks like it is in better condition, and feels stronger. I have also started to notice baby hairs growing around the front hairline on my face where the growth is coming back, so I will continue to use them as the brand recommends long-term use.

Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shakes - Tam

What we think: The Rapid Loss Meal Replacement Shakes taste like real milkshakes! They are flavoursome, and actually left me feeling surprisingly satisfied even though I was drinking a shake in place of my normal meal. There is a wide range of flavours available but I must say that the Choc-Coconut was a fave for me. The shakes are formulated with 30% less sugar and are filled with energy boosting ingredients, as well as vitamins and minerals to support the immune system and keep you fuller for longer.

Nutrimetics NutriShape Meal Replacement Shake - Deb

What we think: I'm usually a breakfast and dinner person because I get caught up in the day and forget about lunch which sometimes leaves me starving by dinner time. So, I started incorporating the NutriShape Meal Replacement Shake into my daily routine at lunch time. The shakes come in single portion sachets that you can stir with 250mL of cold water, so it's super quick and easy to make because I'm not measuring portions or needing extra equipment like blenders. The chocolate flavour makes it feel like a treat, and it keeps me full until dinner.

Skin Physics Antioxidant Beauty Elixir - Eleni

What we think: I have been mixing this in with water (as per the directions) once daily. I have found adding it to my water bottle when it reaches about 120mL (1/4 full) through the day and shaking it has made it easier to get into the habit of having it. It is very easy to mix into water and is not at all lumpy or powdery. It is bright red and tastes of beetroot with a berry after taste. It's slightly sweet and easy to consume! I've always been keen to try ingestible products to encourage healthy growth of hair, skin and nails. I have noticed an extra glow from within and am happy with the results.

Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Shot - Issy

What we think: I'm a massive fan of supplements in general and have tried a variety of them. These little shots are an awesome way to integrate an extra boost of goodness into your routine. Easy to take on-the-go and delicious.   

Swisse Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides - Aurora

What we think: I’ve been using the Swisse Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides for one month now and it’s been an easy addition to my daily routine. The tablets aren’t small but they’re not nearly as large as fish oil tablets can be! I take them as directed which is three times a day directly after eating. I have naturally oily skin which means that I have always had fairly plump, firm skin. That being said, I do feel like these vitamins have helped in boosting my skin's elasticity and keeping it healthy.