Jeffree Star refunds customers following backlash

Beauty influencer, Jeffree Star, has announced he will be refunding customers who purchased one of his holiday-edition mystery boxes, following backlash over ‘false advertising’ claims.

Those who bought one of these $20 boxes from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the recent Black Friday sale were disappointed to discover that the promised ‘exclusive mystery cosmetic item’ per box was in fact just a set of tattoo stickers.

Outraged fans immediately took to social media, with one Tweet reading: “So, @JeffreeStar what is up with the mini #MysteryBox from Black Friday? First there’s no exclusive COSMETIC item like promised. Then my value only added up to $30 (one liquid lip and one scrub) not the promised $44, unless you are saying a single sheet of stickers is worth $14?”

Another bemused fan also chimed in with: “Um @JeffreeStar ? Traditional tattoo stickers? I mean I love them... but really ? I think they should’ve been an extra item rather than it being the third item but hey it’s a Mystery box.”

Star responded to one fan on Twitter in a now-deleted post, where he called the fan’s entitlement ‘gross,’ saying that the stickers were custom-designed by a tattoo artist, who spent hours drawing them. However, he eventually re-addressed the issue, releasing a statement that there had been a ‘miscommunication’ from the brand.

“We here at Jeffree Star Cosmetics made the decision to make the refund as well as still send the Mini Mystery Box to everyone due to our miscommunication regarding the contents of the Mini Mystery Box sold during the Black Friday sale,” he said. “An initial posting should have stated: ‘every box contains at least one exclusive item,’ but due to our error said: ‘every box contains at least one exclusive cosmetic item."