Lauren Curtis launches major new venture

Since 2011, Lauren Curtis has amassed a following of over 7 million people across her social media platforms. In the world of beauty influencing she is a seasoned expert, starting out as a girl with a camera, sharing makeup application techniques, to working with some of the world's top brands and joining Australia’s leading beauty and lifestyle influencer agency, MAXCONNECTORS.

Curtis knows the ins and outs of her trade, having watched the role and people's expectations of influencers change drastically over the years. In a recent interview with Mamamia, Curtis said, “There’s less of a focus on education [nowadays] and more of a focus on entertainment," citing the recent public fallout between Tati Westbrook and James Charles. This, she said, is the ugly side of social media.

Despite greater competition for views online, with many resorting to attention-grabbing ploys, Curtis has not veered from her original objective: to share quality, thoughtful and educational content.

This could not be more true of her latest endeavour; a podcast she's named, Mental Makeover. As someone who has gone through her own personal evolution, Curtis sees this new project as an opportunity to share the lessons she's learnt, in the hope she can help transform somebody else's life.

With this being her first foray into the world of audio presenting, BD took the opportunity to chat to Curtis about what's involved and how this medium differs from her typically visual world.  

Huge congratulations on the launch of Mental Makeover! What made you decide to join the world of podcasting?
Thank you so much! It's something I've wanted to do for a while actually. My favourite YouTube videos are the ones where I'm talking about real life stuff. Self confidence, social media, bullying, relationships, spirituality. It comes very naturally to me because I've always been passionate about sharing positive messages and any lessons I've learnt throughout the whirlwind that has been the last 8 years! My followers also really enjoy when I do "rants" on Instagram stories - it's a condensed, slightly more raw version of what I talk about in my aforementioned YouTube videos. Podcasting was a very natural next step, as I listen to them all the time while driving and thought it would make sense to have a platform dedicated solely to the kind of content that I enjoy creating the most!

What can listeners expect from upcoming episodes?
I've just recorded an episode on Facetune - BEAUTYDIRECTORY are the first to know! I want to talk about so many different things. Finding your dream partner, surviving a breakup, launching a business, the truth about social media and 'influencing', finding contentment, everything and anything that might help to increase your quality of life.

Can you talk us through what goes into preparing for an episode?
My first episode was recorded without a script, so it took quite a while to complete. The second one I just finished had a script with dot points and a bit more structure, so it took a lot less time to record (although it took longer to prepare for beforehand). I'm so new at this so it's a bit of trial and error!

We’d love to know what the scene is like when you’re recording. Are you in a studio and are there any essentials you bring with you?
My first episode was recorded with some podcasting equipment in my beauty room, but I won't be recording there again - it's too echoey. The second was actually recorded in the backseat of my car in my garage and it sounds way better! The smaller the space the better the sound quality, so I guess that will be my new studio from now on haha! I just have my microphone, iPhone and laptop with me.

What do you hope your audience will gain from listening to Mental Makeover? 
It sounds so cliche and I'd probably roll my eyes if I read this from someone else's perspective but honestly, if anyone who listens takes just one thing away from any of my episodes then I'm happy. Whether it's the confidence to rock their bodies, or put themselves out there to meet someone, or to lift the veil on things like Facetune and social media so that they're less naive and more informed, or to gain the confidence to start a business - whatever it may be, I just hope someone feels inspired or empowered after listening.

What are some of the podcasts you love listening to when you have time?
My favourite is Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey. I also love the Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. How I Built This with Guy Raz is a great one too!

Listen to The Mental Makeover here and here.

Carousel image courtesy of: @tomboybeauty