A catch-up with Prologic Skincare's founder

In 2011, top New Zealand Beauty Therapist Rachel Robertson created Prologic Skincare, a small professional skincare range focused on real ingredients producing real results. Now, in 2019, the company is starting to make a name for itself far beyond the shores of its homeland. The clean, active formulations are not only found on the shelves of top clinics in New Zealand but in the U.S. too, and just recently the brand has confirmed a new distributor in France. With Prologic going from strength to strength, we sat down with founder Rachel Robertson to hear more about the exciting developments.

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How has Prologic grown since launching in 2011?

It has been a really interesting journey. When Prologic first launched I had another business and one child. Over that time I had another two children and sold the other business. I made a decision to put my family first and purposely not grow Prologic until the kids were a bit older. I spent four years at home with them, doing just enough to keep Prologic ticking over. This year I’m back working on the business and ready for it to grow and florish. It’s all about timing!

What sets Prologic apart from other professional skincare ranges?

There are lots of things that I think make us pretty special and unique, but the biggest thing I think is that we are a natural cosmeceutical brand, which is pretty rare to find. Most brands would be one or the other, but not both. Also, the companies core values when it comes to sustainiblity and ethical processes.

What sustainability initiatives does Prologic have in place?

Sustainability is one of our core values – something we are really passionate about. All our packaging is recyclabe and our boxes have FSC certification, meaning the pulp used to make the cardboard comes from a sustainable and ethical source. The inks used in printing our labels and boxes comes from a plant source, so no chemical toxins. We are always looking at ways we can change the way we are doing things to be more sustainable or eco-friendly. Just recently we changed to cornstarch puffs rather than bubble wrap for packaging up orders.

Tell us more about corneotherapy and why it’s one of Prologic’s core values…

Corneotherapy is all about the care of the epidermis and repairing the barrier function, doing this using only skin identical or postive impact ingredients. So formulating is very different to the standardard method – our products contain only what the skin needs and what gives cells a positive outcome, meaning our products don’t contain nasties such as preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, SLS’s and silicones. When cornetherapeutic protocols are followed skin is healthy and functioning as it should be.

What has been the biggest learning curve since starting Prologic?

That timing is everything – as a woman in business we are constantly juggling work, kids and home life. Trying to be superwoman is only going to lead to burn out and spreading yourself too thin in every aspect of work and home. Pick your time for work and stick to it. I try really hard not to send work emails when I’m with the kids, then on the flip side when I’m working I’m totally focused on that. Don’t be scared to ask for help too, you can’t be everything to everyone.

What is next for the brand?

It is a very exciting time for Prologic, with me back really working on growing the brand. In the last few weeks alone we have eight new stockists, with more on the horizon. We also have plans in place for a French distributor towards the end of the year. Really it’s now about educating and getting the brand out there.