Goop partners with Sephora

Last week, Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand, Goop Beauty, officially hit Sephora stores.

This marks a huge milestone for the brand, which previously only had standalone and temporary stores, as well as small partnerships with a select amount of clean retailers.

“I’ve always thought of Sephora as a real innovator in the beauty space,” Paltrow told CNBC. “We’ve been wrestling with the idea of if we should have a wholesale partner or if we should keep it all direct to consumer. And I think that when the Sephora opportunity presented itself it was just too good of an opportunity to reach a new customer.”

And according to Goop beauty general manager, Erin Cotter, Goop’s beauty business is its fastest-growing category, with it tripling in sales over the last two years and becoming almost 50 per cent of its e-commerce sales.

“Our e-commerce has grown substantially, but beauty is still a sensorial category and people will always want to touch and feel products,” said Cotter. “Our core channel will continue to be our branded footprint, but infusing the brand in a large-scale retailer allows us to substantially grow awareness and reach new customers.”

Goop has now launched its nine wellness products through, and starting from February 28, the GoopGlow collection of skincare and ingestibles products will be available in-store across 39 Sephora US locations, followed by 14 doors in Canada. Goop’s beauty products will be in 100 Sephora stores by the end of the year, and its detox collection of G.Tox and GoopGenes product collections will be added to the assortment later this year.