Is Glossier finally coming to Australia?

Ever since Glossier launched in 2014 we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the day it would be available in Australia. It’s one of the few brands that still requires an overseas trip or some shipping logistics to get your hands on, which is why we’ve often had to settle for dupes like the K-Beauty tonerthat rivals the brand’s Solution.

But Glossier has been making some changes, starting with Olivia Rodrigo as its first-ever ambassador, and Emily Weiss stepping down as CEO. And it seems as though worldwide access to cult products like Boy Brow and Cloud Paint is next.

As reported by CNBC, Glossier has entered its first retail partnership with Sephora under the leadership of new CEO Kyle Leahy. It was announced that customers will be able to shop Glossier in-store from next year (2023).

So will Glossier be available in Sephora Australia? 

The rollout will begin across stores in US and Canada, as well as and the Sephora app. There is no word on when or if it will come to Australia yet, but in a statement from Leahy, Sephora’s international presence was a key factor in the decision.

“We are incredibly excited to enter our partnership with Sephora,” she said in the release. “They are an iconic, international retailer with an extremely loyal community, and we know our customers want to find us there. We share the same customer-centric values and are both deeply grounded in the ever-evolving notion of beauty discovery.”

Glossier will still continue to run its own stores too, with plans for new locations in Brooklyn, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Philadelphia by the end of 2022, and a return to Soho in 2023.

Although a store in Sydney or Melbourne is unlikely, there is hope that Glossier’s partnership with Sephora will see it enter the country through the retailer, just like Rare Beauty before it.

Image source: glossier