What you need to know about MECCA COSMETICA's new release

After hearing concerns of fine lines, dark spots, pigmentation, dryness and dullness from its customers, Australian beauty retail giant, MECCA Cosmetica listened, welcoming a new addition to its MECCA-morphosis line.

Introducing the Everyday Face Oil.

Around here we love an oil, and this luxurious daily ritual has us excited. It's designed to deeply hydrate, nourish and brighten dull skin - not to mention is curated with a blend of 15 botanical oils - yep, you read that right, 15!

BD spoke to MECCA Cosmetica Signature Line senior brand marketing manager, Florina Sadikay all about the new release, how the brand has achieved success working directly with its shoppers, and what's coming up next in the pipeline.

The Everyday Face Oil has just landed, can you tell us about the product and what inspired the launch?

We identified an opportunity to launch a facial oil into our skincare range, MECCA-morphosis, to deliver a luxurious, efficacious product at an accessible price point for the MECCA Cosmetica customer. 

We are finding that customers are looking for efficacious and concentrated products. The idea was to build on our MECCA-morphosis range by expanding on our offer for deeply hydrating and nourishing products, that would pair well with our best-selling Hydrating Moisturiser, and be the perfect addition for the approaching winter months.

We worked closely with our skincare education team, store team members and product developers as we tested the formula to ensure it was meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and team members. Following such positive and excited feedback we knew we had found a winning formula.

How is this oil different to others on the market?

Designed to repair and rebalance the skin’s barrier, the high-potency ingredients fight fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots and soothe redness and irritation for skin that feels instantly revitalised and beaming with a radiance.

The final product was brought to life by The Living Lab of Beauty: the experience, expertise, insights and passion from our teams and the incredible feedback our customers share with us.

It uses 100% naturally-derived ingredients and offers a beautiful spa-inspired experience, while feeling nourishing and hydrating without leaving skin feeling greasy. It’s also free from synthetic fragrance, silicones, parabens, PEGS, sulfates, GMO’s, synthetic colours, and is vegan and cruelty-free.

In terms of formulation, the Everyday Face Oil includes 15 botanical oils - which ingredient, in your opinion, is the most underrated and why should we want it on our face?

That is correct, our new Everyday Face Oil includes 100% naturally derived oils – a combination of 15 potent, purposefully selected botanicals including cold-pressed Grape Seed, Argan, Jojoba and Olive Fruit Oil. 

Although it’s a difficult question to answer, I would have to say that in my opinion, Prickly Pear Seed Oil is the most underrated skincare ingredient. Originating from the seeds of cactus (a superfood!) Prickly Pear Seed is high in essential fatty acids, omega-6 and9 and amino acids.

This hydrating, anti-inflammatory and barrier-boosting wonder oil has one of the highest levels of Vitamin E of any botanical source – it’s 150 times more superior that Argan Oil. It’s also rich in Vitamin K and Zinc to assist with the fading of pigmentation and promotes your skin’s elasticity.

How does MECCA work with its community to learn what customers are wanting from their products and new launches?

MECCA Cosmetica is the result of over two decades of experience: trialling thousands (upon thousands) of products, harnessing the expertise of our beauty-obsessed staff and, most importantly, connecting with (and truly understanding) our customers of them, across over 100 stores and online, every single day.

We gain our intel from the shop floor and we call this constant feedback loop the 'Living Lab of Beauty’ and it informs every product in the range. Always the highest quality, reliably efficacious and a luxurious part of your everyday, these are the products you need, want, love and buy on repeat.

What's coming up next for MECCA’s Signature Line?

Lots! We have some exciting new developments in the pipeline for the coming years. We’ll continue to round out our MECCA-morphosis skincare range with products that are highly efficacious, luxurious and uncomplicated. 

Our next launch however, will be departing from skincare and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. Stay tuned!

In other news, we’ve since gained the opportunity to reclaim the @meccacosmetica handle. Now, we have a platform to share our unparalleled beauty knowledge and expertise - and the bestselling products that have been developed with that expertise - with the world.

More than ever, we’re able to amplify everything our store teams ‘The Living Lab of Beauty’ do to drive our reliably efficacious, truly luxurious, and uniquely collaborative brand, in-store and behind the scenes. Alongside the incredible products they help us to create, our brand new channel will make our alchemy of expertise, experience, and passion known to all. 

MECCA Cosmetica Everyday Face Oil retails for $44 AUD / $48 NZD and is available now at www.mecca.com.au and in all MECCA stores.