AFW 2024 backstage report: Anna Quan

Wella Professionals x Anna Quan backstage report – Wednesday May 15, 2024

The Anna Quan Resort 2025 Collection exudes effortlessness as seen at Carriageworks, for the biggest fashion event of the year.

The launch of Anna Quan's Resort 2025 show celebrates 'gritty galactic' glam.

"I am excited to be partnering with Wella for a third year at AFW," said Anna Hoang. 

"Renya and the team are incredibly experienced at creating impactful runway looks and I am always confident that the brand shines with their creative input."

"The hair look is subtle but detailed and elevates the overall look."

The look

Wella Professionals creative director, Renya Xydis brought this look to life with soft, textured hair by incorporating both grit and soft glam to Quan's look through a contemporary aesthetic. Complementing the collection by layering products from Wella Professionals. 

This effect brought volume and texture to emulate the grit, with styling gels and shine mists to allow for soft movement that channels the galactic, out-of-space aspect.

"Gritty galactic is all about being strong and soft, yet fierce," said Xydis.

"We layered the Wella Professionals EIMI range to create both the texture and grit, as well as shine and movement to emulate gritty galactic."

Get the look

Step 1. Prep the hair by using the Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue.

With hair extensions, start by creating depth to the hair by adding hair wefts (extensions), keep the placement towards the base of the skull.

Step 2. To create the gritty galactic look, use a mixture of Wella Professionals products to create both the grit at the ends of the hair, and shine at the top of the hair.

It’s all about layering the products. Starting with Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse to give it a good texture, then follow with Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me to layer the texture, apply these products from the roots to the mid-length of the hair to lift the hair, which gives the hair grit.

Then, for the galactic feel, at the top of the hair, layer the Wella Professionals EIMI Sculpt Force, Wella Professionals EIMI Glam Mist and Wella Professional SP LuxeOil, to give the hair soft movement and shine.

Step 3. Flatten out the root with a hairdryer and a boar bristle brush, keeping the hair flat to the back of the neck. The hair should resemble an octopus (flat at the top, and looser at the bottom). The product build-up is essential to the look.

Step 4. Using a flat iron, barely there kink the ends of the hair to create visible, voluminous movement.

Step 5. Using Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me, spray the ends of the hair to add texture to the hair.

Detail the hairline by using your soft styling brush and complete the look by spritzing and twirling the hair with EIMI Glam Mist for additional hydration and shine.

The final look: Gorgeous, gritty, texture and volume that is wearable from dusk until dawn. Ushering in a new era of fierce femininity.

Hero products used: 

Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue – RRP $130.00 / 95mL
Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse – RRP $29.90 / 300mL
Wella Professionals EIMI Sculpt Force – RRP $29.95 / 125mL
Wella Professionals SP LuxeOil – RRP $50.00 / 100mL
Wella Professionals EIMI Glam Mist – RRP $29.90 / 150mL

You can find the Wella Professionals product range and download hi-res images, HERE.

Image credit: Supplied