AFW 2024 backstage report: P.E Nation

KMS x P.E Nation backstage report – Tuesday May 14, 2024

KMS is the official hair partner for P.E Nation’s RE/CREATION collection with lead stylist, Ali Holmes of Wildlife Hair Sogo.

"KMS has been a proud partner of P.E Nation for more than two years, supporting shoots and campaigns with our award-winning stylists from the Wildlife Sogo Team," said Kao Salon Division ANZ general manager, Rita Marcon.

"We are thrilled to partner for fashion week showcasing the evolution of P.E Nation under the incredible talent of Pip Edwards."

"We love that KMS and P.E Nation embrace individual style, with products for every day and every body that have sustainability at the forefront."

Under the sole creative direction of Pip Edwards, P.E Nation blends contemporary fashion, leisure and active wear to embody a lifestyle embedded in recreation with people and planet in mind.

The brand’s new direction is underpinned by a new proposition, fashion that moves with you.

"The new look is a lot more refined. It’s pared back, there’s minimal branding, and it’s based around a tonal colour palette," said P.E Nation creative director and founder, Pip Edwards.

"Detailing is sophisticated, the quality of fabrication and finish is elevated, and the silhouettes are easy, designed to be more versatile in every wardrobe."

The look

RE/CREATION saw 40 models pace a 40-meter runway, with over 600 guests. A nod to the sport inspired legacy guests view the runway from a chrome grandstand in a spectator like seating arrangement.

Reinforcing P.E Nations new pared back reinvention, the hair was 'undone' with a wet-look beauty moment, both emphasising each models natural features.

Lead stylist, Ali Holmes created the signature look of second day hair for the show.

"KMS always plays to an individual’s look and personal style," said Holmes.

"Pip Edwards’ wanted matte hair that bounced and had air on the runway, so we dialled up the natural texture of each model’s hair without weighing it down."

"For our second day hair my heroes were KMS HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray to dry the roots with KMS HAIRPLAY Dry Texture Spray to set the hair."

Get the look – Second day hair 

Depending on the model’s hair texture, either a natural blow dry using hands only and product KMS ADDVOLUME Styling Foam or KMS HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray.

Step 1. Part hair in the middle part and apply KMS HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray to dry hair on the root area. Use a rake comb to remove excess powder from hair.

Step 2. Using a hair straightener, clamp mid-lengths and ends to remove frizz but not straighten the hair as this will reduce the shine.

Step 3. Apply KMS HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray in hand and pat on mid lengths and ends and any frizz. Loosely twist the mid to end lengths of hair and pin to set.

Step 4. Remove clips from hair and blast with cold air and a spray of KMS HAIRPLAY Dry Texture Spray to set. Hair should not be tucked behind ears but as though it has been tucked the day before. Hair is to bounce and fly behind model on the runway.

Step 5. Finish with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray if needed. 

For curly hair

Step 1. Stretch curl out with fingers only. Then follow second day hair look above. No brushes to be used.

You can find the KMS product range and download hi-res imagery, HERE.

Image credit: ©Esteban La Tessa