frank body gets personal

A-beauty brand, frank body is breaking down barriers when it comes to traditionally taboo topics, and we're here for it. 

Think body, sex, race and intimate moments - the new Getting Personal Series, published on the brand's social channels, is going deep and revealing raw, real and honest conversations. 

To dive into why the brand has decided to tackle these hard hitting topics, BD spoke with frank body co-founder, Bree Johnson, who shared what the series is all about.

frank body has introduced a new Getting Personal Series on IG - can you tell us a bit about what this is?

It’s a content series on frank body IGTV, TikTok and YouTube which we created for the launch of our Everyday Range - our first foray into clean, personal care.

The Getting Personal Series partners with incredible women to shed light on their most intimate moments and private thoughts. The personal care industry is ironically anything but personal. We wanted to change that.

The Everyday Range is frank body's first ever clean personal care products - two deodorants, two body washes and a face wash - so to celebrate this, we decided to get personal with personal care.

Where did the idea come from?

frank has always been a brand that prides itself on being more than just a product. Storytelling, community building and educational content is a huge part of what’s made us, us.

For the last seven years on socials and our #letsbefrank blog, we’ve been celebrating and sharing intimate content showing what usually goes on behind closed bathroom doors.

We took the Everyday Range launch as an opportunity to expand on that and better get to know some inspiring women from across the globe and hopefully help to stimulate more conversations around personal topics. You will notice some babes we have worked with before, and some new faces as well.

Why was it important for the brand to open dialogue of traditionally taboo topics?

Having open conversations about body, gender, ethnicity and intimate moments was an important pillar of the Everyday Range launch.

frank body has always been a brand that has direct, honest conversations with our consumer. So after two years spent perfecting our new clean personal care products, which includes an intimate body wash, our marketing team jumped on the opportunity to share relatable, personal stories with our consumers. These conversations are ones we want to amplify and normalise.

Who has the series featured so far?

Trans model AJ Clementine, author Steph Yeboah, designer Karina Irby and body positivity advocate Mik Zazon. We have more amazing women to feature, so watch this space!

You can watch the frank body Getting Personal Series here and click here to check out the new Everyday Range.