Q&A: Holly Wright on beauty after babies

Along with juggling two daughters, Holly Wright is killing it as an influencer – last year she won the Up & Comer category in the Miss FQ Influence Awards. Recently we caught up with Holly to chat all things beauty and how it is being a mum of two after giving birth for the second time.

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Did you observe any changes in your skin during pregnancy?

Yes! So many changes, it’s one of the biggest times in your life where your skin will both suffer and flourish. During the early weeks, my skin was so dry and dehydrated, but towards the end it really plumped up and had a beautiful glow. I was also very lucky not to get any hormonal breakouts throughout my pregnancy. 

How did your beauty routine change when you were pregnant?

I used a lot more natural products in my routine as I like to be really conscious during this time about what chemicals I put into my skin. Especially body products so I always switch out my regular deodorant when pregnant with a natural deodorant, the one from Weleda is amazing and actually works! I also love to swap out my regular body moisturiser for a beautiful organic coconut oil which I use all over and I also start using a stretch mark preventatve oil from day one of pregnancy too. This time round I used both Bio-Oil and the beautiful mama oil from Nature Baby. To keep my skin in tip-top shape during my pregnancy I also made sure to see my facialist Mellisa at FaceTime skin clinic every 6-8 weeks for an Osmosis medi facial which I swear by!

…and what about now that you’re a mum to two?

The first few weeks of being a new mom again, I definitely took a very simple and laid back approach to skincare. Most days just using a Micellar water to quickly cleanse - love the one from the supermarket brand Simple and also the one from Lancôme. I always use a good quality eye cream, I’m obsessed with the Lancôme Absolue Eye Cream, it’s sooo luxurious and plumping and combats the dark circles from all those sleepless nights! I also always make sure to wear sunscreen everyday! Makeup wise on a day to day basis I've been loving just a little Touche Éclat from YSL under the eyes and a good dusting of Osmosis Mineral Powder over my face, and a few lashings of mascara - Diorshow is my favourite.

The advice you wish you could give your younger self…

Embrace your body! Don’t worry about things that are out of your control and don’t stress about things that won’t matter in a few months! 

What will you be teaching your daughters about ‘beauty’?

Natural is always better, let your natural beauty shine through and don’t feel the need to cover up with makeup. Always, always wear a sunscreen! And make sure to lather your body in moisturiser after every shower as your skin will really thank you for it once you’re older.