This game-changing beauty brand has finally landed in Australia

The brand that has well and truly disrupted the Australian hair care industry and contributed to the change in narrative around Black hair is finally landing on our shores.

BREAD is launching online in Australia and New Zealand today, and all Sephora stores tomorrow.

Aussie founder Maeva Heim created BREAD last year mid-pandemic after being fed up with the mainstream hair care industry not being able to authentically connect with Black women. Thus, a collection of natural hair essentials designed specifically for curly, coily and afro-textured hair was born.

"BREAD is here for the essentials,” the brand said in a press release. “The must-haves. Like bread. We felt like there was room for a brand that would look and think differently when it comes to textured hair. Because curls don't have to be perfect. Sometimes they don't have to be curls at all. They can be fuzz, and puff. Big or smol. Frizzy, poofy, however, it falls.”

Since launching, BREAD has made incredible waves in both Australia and abroad. Heim managed to land a spot in US Sephora stores before even launching a single product. But until now, the brand has only been available direct to consumer via for us Aussies.

“I grew up in my mum’s hair braiding salon in Perth, surrounded by hair and beauty products my entire childhood,” Heim said. “I even spent my early career working behind the scenes of global big box beauty brands. But, I never felt like I belonged in the mainstream beauty industry, and certainly not in mainstream hair conversations. BREAD is the brand I wish I had when I was growing up in Australia.

The beauty industry has changed a lot since then, and now that BREAD is launching on Australian shores, I’m so happy that this little, but mighty, brand gets to be a small part of the new wave. Yes, BREAD launched in 2020. But I always like to say the brand goes way back to the ‘90s. Those weekends spent on the floor of my mum’s salon; braiding hair, sweeping floors, and answering the phone. This is where BREAD began, and I have my mum to thank for that.”

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