AAFW backstage report: Ginger and Smart

Ginger and Smart backstage report - Tuesday June 1, 2021


KMS hair director, Ali Holmes.


"We've done an untied ponytail that's super low at the nape so that it runs straight down the spine of the back," said Holmes.

"It's super feminine. The idea is that she’s brushed it back herself so it’s textured. You can see finger marks in the hair, so it’s got that soft femininity to it, but there’s a real modern edge too because it’s coming at a horizontal line, and then down at the lower nape it's really trying to get the ponytail skinny."


1. Apply KMS ADDVOLUME Styling Foam Mousse on mid lengths, particularly targeting sides. If your hair is a silkier texture, use KMS HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray. Girls with short hair should use KMS HAIRPLAY Hybrid Clay Wax.

2. Directional blowdry the hair into a low ponytail, focusing on sides in a parallel direction.

3. Keeping the natural form of the hair GHD Compress the mid lengths. To create horizontal direction above ears, mist KMS THERMASHAPE 2-in-1 Spray. Add a U-bend on top of ear keeping all other hair a natural blowdry.

4. Spray whole head with a light mist of KMS HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal. Depending on thickness of hair, separate into two or three horizontal sections.

5. Tie bottom section completely flat at the lowest part of the nape so ponytail hugs the nape of the neck. Secure with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray. On courser hair, use KMS HAIRSTAY Hybrid Clay Wax on the mid lengths of ponytail.

6. Add middle section, making sure the gradient of hair above the ear is horizontal. Secure with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray.

7. Loosely place remaining top section over ponytail.

8. Spay with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray through the mid-lengths and KMS MOISTREPAIR Hydrating Oil on ends of hair.


KMS ADDVOLUME Styling Foam Mousse
KMS HAIRPLAY Hybrid Clay Wax
KMS HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal
KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray


Lancôme director of artistry, Lara Srokowski.


"When we did the trials, I really liked that the brand took us through the whole vision," said Srokowski. "They were talking to us about what the inspiration behind the collection was and it was all to do with art and they took a lot of that art inspiration from nature.

So we wanted to almost have an element of artistic approach to the makeup beauty look. With the eye makeup, we've gone for a smudged, grungy, cool artistic, fun look."


"What we’ve done is we’ve kept the skin super raw," said Srokowski. "We wanted to create more of a glow using just skincare, so we’ve used our Genifique Toner and the Moisturiser and we actually used no foundation because we wanted to keep it looking like healthy, glowing skin but with no foundation.

We did incorporate our new Ultra Wear Concealer to pinpoint coverage because everyone get blemishes, even models.

We’ve just used that on little areas to make the skin look flawless and really effortless and glowy. What was really great is we got to customise each eye look with a colour, playing with colour mixing.

We’ve used paint across the eye and really customised and mixed the perfect shade for each person. So green garments with green paint on the eyes etc. The girls who aren’t wearing certain eyes have glossy eyes."


- Lancôme Genifique Toner
- Lancôme Genifique Moisturiser
- Lancôme Ultra Wear Concealer

Imagery credit: Esteban La Tessa