Aimee Song chats skin, self-care tips and her dream collab

Aimee Song, known best for her online moniker, Song of Style, has risen to mega-influencer status.

As one of the OG fashion bloggers, Song has worked with the best in the biz, and now she's lending her name and obsession with skincare, to her latest collaboration. 

Teaming up with clean skincare brand, Biossance, in what Song calls her "dream collaboration," the blogger has given the cult favourite Squalane Vitamin C + Rose Oil her magic touch. View the product listing to access info and hi-res image.

BD spoke with the ever-so-chic, Song, about the new partnership, her skincare routine and she shares with us her self-care tips.

Congratulations on your collaboration with Biossance! How did the partnership come about and why did you want to join forces with the brand?

This is a dream collaboration with one of my all-time favourite beauty brands, Biossance. As a long-time eczema sufferer with extremely sensitive skin, I am always super caution about the skincare products I use.

I’ve been using Biossance since they first launched and fell in love with all of their squalane infused products, especially the 100% Squalane Oil and the Squalane Vitamin C + Rose Oil.

Read more about squalane here

What inspired the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil?

My love affair with Biossance started with the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. It's one of my favourite skincare rituals that puts me in a really great mood.

How do you like to use it?

I use it all over my face and neck every morning and night. Mornings I use it as my last step before putting on sunscreen. At night, I use it as my last step.

Can you talk us through your skincare routine?

I use Biosasnce’s Oil Cleanser in the evening, then use a toner, move onto Biossance’s Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream, and lately I use their plant derived retinol for my sun spots and to prevent fine lines, then a moisturise and end it with Biossance Squalane Vitamin C + Rose oil. I love rubbing my hands together and breathing in and out with the rose oil. It’s very meditative for me.

Now we're all spending our time at home, what are your top self-care tips?

Being gentle to myself and treating myself. I’ve been trying to have a routine which is something I didn’t really have since I used to travel so much. Luckily, I live in L.A. where there’s a lot of outdoor space so I’m still able to take my dogs on walks.

Also, I’ve been cooking a lot which is quite meditative, and I’ll still treat myself with ice cream or chocolate, but in moderation. I try to eat intuitively as I have a tendency to binge eat. I also talk to my therapist once a week. 

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil by Aimee Song will be on counter July 22, 2020. For more information and to download hi-res images, visit the Biossance listing here.