Top hair trends from Australian Fashion Week 2024

Australian Fashion Week presented by Pandora has officially wrapped for the year. From the runway looks and backstage beauty and hair magic to street style moments, this year's fashion week was a huge success.

For the first time, Shark Beauty was named the event’s official hair tool partner, as BD reported here, which had Shark Beauty's hair director, Chris Hunter at the helm. 

Chris Hunter

Now the dust (and hair spray) has settled, we spoke to Chris all about how his fashion week went, key looks he loved, and trends to keep an eye on for the season ahead.

Australian Fashion Week has wrapped! How was the week for you? What shows did you work on?

As the Shark Beauty hair director, the official hair tool partner of Australian Fashion Week, we partnered with some incredible Australian fashion designers including Albus Lumen, Beare Park and Alix Higgins. Our hair tools were also used at Mariam Seddiq, The Volte and Third Form.

We also hosted guests in the Shark Beauty Styling Suites at Green Square, getting everyone runway ready for the shows.

I had the pleasure of doing a TV segment with The Morning Show as well as getting VIPs and celebrities ready at their hotels.

Shark Beauty also partnered with textured hair styling expert Rumbie Mutsiwa for an incredibly informative hair masterclass. Rumbie is the queen of coily, curly and wavy hair, and we all learned a lot from her.

What was your favourite hair look of the week?       

Alix Higgins definitely stole the show for me, hair-wise. The looks were edgy and different and so much fun to put together.

Alix Higgins is one of Australia's most exciting creative talents, and we were thrilled to partner on the runway show to help bring his stunning vision to life.

What were the top 3 hair trends you saw?

The biggest trend out of AFW is 'Natural Minimalism,' celebrating and working with natural hair textures as seen at Albus Lumen and Beare Park.

Both championed a decisive simplicity which fits perfectly with Shark Beauty's mission to enhance natural beauty.

Think lived-in locks that embrace natural texture, accessorised with a 'peekaboo' ear that we've seen everywhere this week. This trend is all about feeling you, but better. 

'Directional Roots' is another trend we saw at Carla Zampatti's return to the runway. Think slicked-back hair tucked into the collar.

And lastly, there's the 'Romantic Mysticism' vibe, with sleek, smooth hair that adds timeless elegance to any outfit, seen at the Alix Higgins show.

How can people achieve these trends at home?

You can easily recreate the runway looks at home with TikTok's famous Shark Beauty family of hair styling tools including the FlexStyle, SpeedStyle and newly launched SmoothStyle.

Shark Beauty empowers everyone to achieve salon-worthy hair at home, all while enhancing their natural beauty.

To achieve the 'Natural Minimalism' seen at Albus Lumen and Beare Park, use the Shark SpeedStyle with the diffuser attachment to dry off hair while keeping its natural texture and giving the result of lived-in locks, avoiding frizz.

The hero product of the week was the SpeedStyle diffuser and the rapid gloss finisher. The sleek look is easily achieved, eliminates frizz, and leaves hair shiny.

Carla Zampatti's sleek tucked-in look can be achieved by slicking hair in the direction of the nape and tucking it into a collar.

Use hair gel, pin and set, after using the Shark FlexStyle with the diffuser attachment.

To achieve the 'Romantic Mysticism' look seen at Alex Higgins, we created a twist on the left-hand side, sleek edges and smoothed hair into a low pony at the nape.

Then using the Shark SmoothStyle, we created an S-bend throughout the pony.

As we approach winter, what should people be switching out in their routines to prep for the cooler months?

Definitely swap to creams to keep your hair hydrated and prevent dry ends.

I think going for a deeper colour for autumn and winter is always a good idea.

For me, winter is all about sleek, straight hair, away from the beachy waves we love in summer.

Utilise the new Shark SmoothStyle to achieve sleek straight hair using the SmoothStyle without the damage. Embrace the new technology!

What's coming up next for you?

Now that fashion week is over, it's back to the salon grind! We're booked solid for the next few weeks with clients and content creation. In between that, I'm also training for the Sydney Marathon.

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Image credit: Supplied