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How to get around BEAUTYDIRECTORY

A guide to help you navigate your way around the minefield of different sections and intricacies found on the site.

Spotting a fake beauty review

Definitive ways to tell if a beauty review you're reading is the real deal.

Every Instagram account to follow for Fashion Week beauty content

Because going backstage is closer than the front row.

An expert explains how to become certified organic

Australian Organic’s general manager Sue Willis explains how to get the Bud logo.

What's new in health at Priceline?

Priceline's health buyer talks this year's top trends and what she looks for when bringing on new brands.

Priceline’s senior skincare buyer on what she looks for in a brand

BD chatted with Priceline Pharmacy’s senior skincare buyer on what she looks for when curating its skincare options and how you can get her attention.

Content creators explain how to beat YouTube’s algorithm

Video creators have begun responding to Youtube’s watch-time-minded algorithm by extending their videos in order to increase watch time and feature more ads per video.

The new industry standard for measuring digital audiences

Replacing Roy Morgan and Google Analytics, Nielsen DCR (Digital Content Ratings) is now the industry standard metric for digital audiences.

Media reveal: What makes a great account manager

BD interviewed a range of influencers, media and bloggers to get their point of view on what makes a great (and not-so-great) account manager.

Your image rights on Instagram, a refresher

Stateside influencers have launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit over image use; so we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Instagram copyright and who really owns your pictures.

The ROI you should expect from infuencers

A new report has uncovered the exact ROI (Return On Investment) brands receive on average from influencer collaborations.

This year’s budget includes a ‘fame tax’ on influencers

The new rules on image rights has been dubbed a ‘fame tax’.

Bloggers tell: how to choose the right representation

What to look for when seeking a talent agency in the digital space.

The power of micro-influencers

While everyone recognises the selling power of a top-tier influencer, many brands are now shifting towards those influencers with a smaller fan base to collaborate with.

CPCA release cosmetic procedure checklist

Assessing the risk vs reward of cosmetic procedures.

8 influencer trends to watch in 2018

Global communications agency Sermo and social management firm Traackr have revealed the eight global influencer trends to watch out for this year.

NZ's Internet habits revealed

As of 2017, 88 per cent of New Zealanders are online

A lesson in what makes up our nail and eye cosmetics

Constant regulatory changes have caused cosmetic developers to adapt, these are the new ingredients to know.

Spotlight on: travel skincare

The lowdown on how to keep your complexion clear while flying.

Spotlight on: influencer hijacking

What it is and what to do if it happens.

NZ Christmas shopping study conducted

Energi has undertaken the largest single study on Christmas Gift shopping in New Zealand - BD reveals the key findings.

The dos and don’ts of holding beauty PR events

Delve into the minds’ of NZ’s top beauty media for tips on pulling off the perfect event.

The dos and don’ts of working with online media

Top Australian beauty media talk best practice methods on everything from lead times to pitches.

The definitive guide to creating a fail-proof press release

Top beauty media members reveal tips and tricks for putting together an impeccable press release.

The ins and outs of face fillers

Most people associate fillers with tackling deep-set wrinkles, but thanks to new expert techniques, fillers can also help to lift and firm the face and jawline.

Experts react to new influencer ad guidelines

There have been mixed reactions to the new AANA protocols.

New advertising rules for influencers announced

The new guidelines outline recommendations for highlighting specific content but are not entirely straightforward.

Best practice: How to contact media

Australian beauty media reveal their top tips when it comes to contacting best practices.

How to nail sponsored videos

Everything you need to know about the creation of sponsored videos.

5 simple tricks for understanding Google Analytics

A user-friendly guide to help you navigate your way around Google Analytics.


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