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The importance of intimate hygiene during pregnancy

There's one aspect of pregnancy that is often overlooked.

Beiersdorf backs app set to change the dermatology game

Beiersdorf is investing in a startup that delivers app-based dermatology advice.

David Jones expands its beauty and lifestyle offering

David Jones is excited to announce the expansion of its large beauty and lifestyle offering.

Meet the podcast filling an enormous market gap

Allergy Proof deep dives into all health issues – whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

Top tips to help boost your energy levels

If your low energy levels are lifestyle-related, there's plenty you can do to fix them.

Inside the world of beauty supplements

We spoke to four brand founders to get their take on all things ingestible beauty.

The must-have products keeping us healthy

A look at some of the products keeping us as healthy as possible.

Winter wellness for the months ahead

This winter especially it's vital we all give our bodies some extra TLC.

Studies show the importance oral care plays on overall health

New research has found a connection between oral health and overall health.

Top Australian health bloggers and influencers

The health bloggers you should know about.

Kate Hudson debuts beauty and wellness brand

The actress and entrepreneur has announced her next venture.

Aussie company playing its role in keeping Victoria safe and sanitised

Melbourne based manufacturing company, Synergie Skin is keen to ensure everyone in their home-state of Victoria can stay safe.

The lowdown on sleep: What you really need to know

BD celebrates Sleep Awareness Week for 2020!

The power of supplement powders

With promises of glowy skin, improved gut health, and even weight management, there is something on the market to help target your concerns.

How to help ease anxiety when you're freaking out

It’s been an anxious time to say the least, but a way to destress might have been right under our noses the whole time.

Botox is back, but can it make you more susceptible to COVID-19?

CPCA has announced that cosmetic medical procedure are back, but should be permitted with caution.

Goop goes virtual for this year's health summit

Forget the US$650 ticket, this year Goop is going virtual for its 2020 In Goop Health summit, and the best part? It's free!

Gwyneth Paltrow announces Goop's next collab

Goop announces its latest collaboration amidst health crisis.

The products you need for good hand hygiene

BD has rounded up a selection of must-haves for protection, hydration and nourishment.

Magazines lift paywalls amidst health crisis

Popular magazines have lifted paywalls to help people stay informed about COVID-19.

The beauty boosters you need to know about

Coming into the cooler weather, keep your health in tip-top shape with these beauty boosters.

Beauty 101: Back to school essentials

From preventing head lice and sunburn to oral health and overall wellbeing, these products will have children protected.

Goop's Netflix trailer has officially landed

Netflix has released a new trailer that embraces Goop's controversial reputation.

The vitamin you need to know

Saturday November 2, marks National Vitamin D Day, dedicated to spreading awareness on vitamin D and the deficiencies that Australia is facing.

The Beauty Chef raises $10 million from new Aussie investment fund

Pioneers of the inner beauty industry, The Beauty Chef, has raised $10 million from Point King Capital.

Beauty 101: Mouth health

This week’s instalment of Beauty 101 is taking care of your chompers.

Sleep quality improved by pre-bedtime bath

Further research proves that relaxing in warm water will help regulate body temp and aid sleep.

Worldwide recall issued for breast implants tied to cancer

The FDA has taken action to protect women from a rare breast implant-associated cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

How disrupted sleep patterns can influence behaviour at work

Science journalist and author, Linda Geddes, said that more workplaces should adopt “flexi working” in order to accommodate different employees.

10 brands with new-generation supplements

These supplements are stepping-up the variety within the industry.
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