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Meet BEAUTYDIRECTORY’s new content producer

BEAUTYDIRECTORY welcomes Sarah Bristow to the content team.

Everything you need to know about Shaaanxo

NZ YouTube sensation Shannon Harris chats to BD about vlogging and her career.

The beauty vlogger fast making a name for herself

Rachael Jade Annear talks 2014 highlights, her biggest strength, and what's trending in beauty content.

beautyheaven appoints new editor

Carli Alman set to step into the role of editor in 2015.

Everything you want to know about Leigh Campbell’s career

Cosmopolitan’s beauty director talks work, her personal blog and Cosmo’s allure.

Erin Whitty on her hidden talents

You may know her as the journalist behind the glossy beauty pages in magazines like Prevention and Women’s Health, but Erin Whitty is a woman of many talents...

The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter reveals the cruciality of honest reviews

Blogger Karina Nyholm-Hunter discusses the benefits of prioritising brand relationships, the importance to be honest in reviewing products, and her top advice for readers.

Paula Begoun on beauty myths and tips

The best-selling author gives wisdom and advice on the beauty industry.

5 minutes with bestselling author Joanna E. Hall

Hall discusses the sequel to her bestseller 40 And Still Fabulous.

Nikki Parkinson on how to get into book publishing

The Styling You blogger talks to bd about writing her first book Unlock Your Style, how she got into the book publishing industry, and the path from proposal to published author.

Hair BB creams explained

Just when you thought the alphabet trend was beginning to slow down, get ready for the beauty letter game to regain momentum with news that BB cream is expanding into the hair care market.

A chat with AST founder Trish Winchester

Advanced Skin Technology on the Australian cosmeceutical industry.

Meet Professional Beauty’s new beauty and online editor

Nadia Stennett chats to bd about her career and the new role.

Keep calm and stress less

Elizabeth Arden vice president Art Pellegrino reveals what effect stress is having on our skin and the role ceramides play in helping retain skin’s youth.

Beauty experts reveal the top tools of the trade

bd sits down with a range of beauty experts to discover their go-to tools and why they are a must-have in a beauty repertoire...

homeheaven announces its new editor

Annie Stevens appointed the editor of website homeheaven.

Spoiler alert: Spoilt’s Tammerly Robinson on making it in the blogging sphere

beautydirectory sits down with Robinson to discover what makes her blog stand-out in an industry where we are spoiled for choice.

All you need to know about the latest celeb fitness craze

bd chats to SoulCycle co-founder Elizabeth Cutler.

How to create a visionary brand

With 20 years experience in the beauty industry and a host of successes, Jane Iredale reveals her top tips on how to create a visionary beauty brand.

The beauty tricks behind being Adriana Lima

From iced coconut water on cotton pads to an obsession with red lips, we discover all Adriana Lima’s secrets to success.

Rachael Mannell on going from magazines to digital TV

To discover everything about the beauty expert's new venture and why she decided to get into the online digital platform, we tracked down Rachael Mannell for a one-on-one chat.

5 mins with... Barry Southgate

The X-Factor singer chats to bd about his current career moves.

Serums versus oil: what’s the difference and do you need both?

bd sets out to find what the main differences are between hair oils and serums, if both are needed in a good hair care regime, and why brands are adding oil to their line-up.

Andrea Ferrari on making it in the Australian media landscape

The editor and owner of ESPRIT magazine chats about launching a magazine on her own, being in the industry for 10 years, first meeting Sigourney Cantelo and Zoe Foster, and the industry’s changing pace.

The secret to having your boss love you this winter

While everybody loves a day off - it’s completely wasted if you’re spending that day unable to move in bed. The good news (especially for your boss) is that we’ve discovered the secret to staying healthy through the winter months...

The surprising make-up trend that will always remain in fashion

The make-up look that is putting an end to the #nomakeupselfie.

The vlogger you need to put on your radar

With more than 469,000 views per month and a recent video garnering over 650,000 views, it's clear that Ruby Golani is set to be the next big thing when it comes to Australian vloggers.

George Bingham: The move from department store to certified organic brand

George Bingham reveals his reason for leaving David Jones, what it’s like working with Miranda Kerr, and his plans for Kora Organics.

Has mineral make-up lost its relevance?

bd discovers whether there's still a place for mineral make-up in today's cosmetic bag and how it's competing with new trends such as blurring creams.

Disclosure: Removing the blurred lines of paid content

beautydirectory takes a close look at ACCC's principles for online reviews and talks to some of Australia’s top beauty bloggers and online editors about their disclosure policies.


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