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Glossier product launch inspired by a makeup artist hack

The cult beauty brand’s latest launch was also its most requested by fans.

Australia’s most-trusted personal care brands named

The annual list of Australia's most trusted personal care brands has just been announced.

Leonard Lauder is writing a book about his life

The 86-year-old son of Estée Lauder is working on a book detailing the story of his parents’ company, as well as all of the business lessons he has learnt.

Ellie Goodman farewells beautyheaven

The content producer has taken on an internal role at Bauer Media.

Tried & tested: Youth-capturing beauty

Forget Instagram success, ethics and sustainability for a moment. Let's not forget that simply prolonging youthful, healthy skin is the aim of the game for many global beauty brands.

Australia’s favourite new beauty products revealed

With 48,600 votes submitted, the beautyheaven Glosscar Awards 2019 are here!

BEAUTYDIRECTORY's bumper guide to Mother's Day 2019

Get ready for Mother's Day with this edit of beauty gifts.

Bondi Sands draws A-list celebs at Coachella

Celebs and influencers celebrated with the Aussie tanning brand for its new launch.

Why influencers are key to independent beauty brands

Consumers say that being introduced to new independent brands is the most common way in which digital influencers have impact for them.

March's most mentioned beauty products in print

Here's what's hit the headlines in magazine land last month.

Amazon Australia introduces Luxury Beauty category

Australian customers will now have access to thousands of luxury and salon products across almost 200 brands.

10 brands helping makeup stay in place

These 10 brands will help makeup stay fresh and skin hydration

Pia Miller: Pantene's first Aussie ambassador

BD recently spoke to the Chilean-born actress about the partnership and how she feels about joining the diverse line-up of strong, confident and empowering women.

Tried & tested: On counter April

The BD team road-tests all the new and noteworthy products hitting stores this April.

Combatting the declining sale of makeup brushes

Brush brands have started getting creative with new strategies, such as capitalising on the popularity of skincare.

Fenty Beauty recalls product following backlash

Known for having cheeky and fun shade names, Fenty is no stranger to creativity. This time however, did not end well for the brand.

Benefit Cosmetics partners with Quay Australia

Matching the Benefit aesthetic, the three new styles are "built on fun and laughter."

10 brands with beauty balms

These 10 beauty balms have you covered this autumn.

YSL announces its first Coachella pop-up store

The Instagram-friendly popup is designed to look like an American petrol (or gas) station – but with cosmetic refills only.


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