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Expert predicts: Brow and hair removal trends for 2022

We shine a spotlight on brow and hair removal trends with the help of a seasoned expert.

Expert predicts: Hair trends for 2022

Following the easing of COVID restrictions, it’s no surprise that trends are rapidly evolving.

The hair trends reigning supreme in 2022

With every New Year comes a multitude of new trends to experiment with.

BD's media insights report 2021

Let's takes a look at what topics and articles sparked the media's attention throughout the year.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2022 is here

The hue displays a "carefree confidence and a daring curiosity."

Pinterest predicts the beauty trends that will shape 2022

Eight out ten predictions from last year came true.

October 2021: What the media was searching this month

Let's take a look at what sparked the media's attention last month.

August 2021: What the media was searching this month

Let's take a look at what sparked the media's attention last month.

The top 20 DIY beauty hashtags on TikTok

The newfound need for do-it-yourself beauty solutions has seen a massive increase in users posting their beauty problems, and how to fix them.

May 2021: What the media was searching this month

Let's take a look at what sparked the media's attention this month.

Surprising new beauty trends for May revealed

As consumers adjust to post-pandemic living, certain trends are re-emerging.

Afterpay releases its bi-annual fashion and beauty trend report

The report takes a closer look at what customers are shopping for this autumn and winter.

Trendalytics reveals its 2021 beauty and wellness trends

Because this year is going to be all about combining wellness and clean beauty.

Oz Hair & Beauty reveals 2021 beauty predictions

Founder Anthony Nappa has compiled his 2021 skincare predictions.

Wellness trends set to dominate 2021

With the pandemic only heightening interest in wellness, consumers are expected to be hyper-focused on these trends.

Google reveals the top-trending beauty searches of the year

Let's take a closer look at what burning Qs everyone had this year.

Are Media shares findings from first BEAUTYVOICES consumer survey

Are Media’s first BEAUTYVOICES consumer survey results are in, detailing consumer habits and advertising preferences.

Top 10 beauty trends from fashion month

Fashion Weeks around the world focused on glossy, healthy skin and hair, as well as viral nail art.

Australia's favourite products revealed

Over 9,000 Aussie shoppers have cast their votes on favourite supermarket products in the annual Product of the Year Awards.

Argan, jojoba, macadamia… seven hair oils explained

Here, we take a look at which oils are getting hair time and why.

The makeup trends set to dominate spring 2020

Because the best way to farewell winter is with a spring beauty overhaul.

The rise of the partial manicure

With celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid sporting the look, partial manicures are having a real moment.

The emerging beauty trends you need to know

Pinterest shares the latest trends from its Global Beauty Report.

How the pandemic has shifted fragrance trends forever

Fragrance trends have seen a shift that could reshape the entire industry.

Winter wellness: The biggest trends of 2020

Because the winter blues are actually a thing.

Hair lamination: The next big trend?

The treatment only takes eight seconds.

Searches for vegan lipstick soar

Pinterest has released stats that show searches for 'vegan lipstick' have increased by a huge 150 per cent from December 2018 to 2019.

What’s next in beauty: Predictions for 2020 and the decade ahead

BD takes a look at what the next year and decade has in store for the beauty industry.

Reddit's new data reveals a lot about the state of beauty

Here are its top ranked communities and talking points from the past year.

The biggest 2020 social trends predicted

What will 2020 hold for the ever-changing landscape of social media?


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